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Something we already know, but worth crying out loud!

How Latino immigrants are good for the U.S. economy (from The Atlantic):


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Myths and facts about immigration, from the ACLU.

MYTH: Immigrants are a drain on our social services.
FACT: By paying taxes and Social Security, immigrants contribute far more to government coffers than they use in social services.

In its landmark report published in 1997—arguably the most thorough national study to date of
immigration’s fiscal impacts—the National Research Council (NRC) of the National Academy of
Sciences concluded that on average, immigrants generate public revenue that exceeds their public
costs over time—approximately $80,000 more in taxes than they receive in state, federal and
local benefits over their life times.1 This same conclusion was reached in 2007 by the Council of
Economic Advisers in their report to the Executive Office of the President where they state that
“the long-run impact of immigration on public budgets is likely to be positive,” and agree with
the NRC report’s view that “only a forward-looking projection of taxes and government spending
can offer an accurate picture of the long-run fiscal consequences…

Welcome to the WE project news blog!

Here you will find links to news articles and podcasts relevant to educating people about the continuing plagues of racism, bigotry and intolerance, in Missouri and around the nation, and to furthering the cause of shining a positive and celebratory light onto people belonging to marginalized communities. 

My first pick is a story in The New York Times magazine: