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This is a useful resource for our fight for the right to vote.

Brutal attack on a trans woman in Dallas.

From The North Star:

The economic value of immigration.

Counter to the false xenophobic narrative that entices people to think of immigrants as a threat to their economic wellbeing, a narrative especially forceful in regions like the Midwest and Missouri, it is important to say, again and again, that immigrants not only help revive rural towns on the brink of economic extinction, but also feed growth in urban areas, as this story today in the  The New York Times shows:

The New York Times Spanish edition!

Cory Booker introduces reparations bill.

From The North Star :

Essential and amazing reporting work to understand the surge in migrant families to the U.S.

From The New York Times :

Good news from Chicago: Lori Lightfoot wins the mayoral race and becomes the first African-American and openly gay woman to do so.

From The North Star:

The newest presidential candidate is Black: meet Wayne Messam.

From The North Star:

Volunteers are stepping up at the border.

From The North Star:

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