This is Terryonna's story. It could change your life.

My name is Terryonna Nunnelly. I am a healing twenty-six-year-old Black woman. I am an imperfect, emerging leader. My story begins in Columbia, Missouri where I was born and raised by my very own set of superheroes, my mother Christy Moten and my grandmother Gussie Samuels. I had a poor upbringing, and I resented my mother so much for this. Until I was an adult. Until I realized the challenges she faced and the sacrifices she made to give us the little she could provide. As young as I could remember I was taking care of my siblings, my ill grandmother and our home. My mother worked evening shifts most evenings returning home after we had all fallen asleep. I would wake my grandmother at 5:00am to dress her and get her ready for dialysis three days a week from kindergarten through eighth grade. I would turn around and wake my siblings and get us ready for our school days. When we would return home, the kids would go out and play, my duties were helping my grandmother cook and clean sinc

The story of B., an Afghan refugee woman.

Story written Refugee Services, a local resettlement agency in Columbia, MO. The agency was planning a baby shower for Afghan Moms.      If you’re a Mom you know what I mean. Bad pregnancy symptoms. Taking care of children while carrying another. Wondering what tomorrow will bring. Now picture running for your life at the same time. This Mom’s name cannot be disclosed because she fears for her family back home so I’ll call her B. She spent several weeks of her pregnancy fleeing for her life, at one time sleeping in a waterlogged tent. B. is an Afghan Mom who is pregnant with a boy. She doesn’t know exactly how many months pregnant she is because she’s been away from home so long her sense of time is uncertain. When she was two months pregnant B. and her family, her husband and their eleven children, fled Afghanistan when the Talibans took over. He husband worked as a trainer in the Special Forces with the U.S. military and that put the entire family at risk of being killed. Her hus

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Resource: Health services for transgender Missourians.

 The Transgender Health Network provides health services to trans Missourians: Transgender Health Network

Here's to Pride month 2021! (And thanks to Nclusion+ for the shows.)


Silent March in loving remembrance of George Floyd sponsored by local organizations, including the WE project.

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