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Late post on the Light for Liberty vigil in Columbia.

Video of the speech I gave at the Lights for Liberty candlelight vigil in front of the Boone County jail in Columbia:

The text is below.

Yeah so, there is the stench. There is the government official telling lawmakers that children don’t need soap, or sleep.
Yeah so, there are the bodies piled up like animals. There’s a visiting doctor talking about “a human dog pound.”
Yeah so, there’s the people sleeping on concrete floors under 24-hour light in the cold. There are the children taking care of toddlers with no diapers. There are the seven migrant children who died in United States’ custody in less than a year.
Yes, and there we are, and we cry out in outrage, us the people who care, and believe that as human beings with a moral conscience we are responsible for the welfare other human beings, even if they are not family, or familiar, and that their plight i…