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In "Munch with the Mayor" events, Mexico mayor Ayanna Shivers works to build bridges, and her community.

Mexico mayor, Ayanna Shivers (second from left) greets residents at the end of her "Munch with the Mayor" event at the Brick City Buffet restaurant in Mexico on Saturday morning.

"Victims of transgender violence in the United States are overwhelmingly transgender women of color."

From the special edition devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in The New York Times, an intersectional rallying cry from Asia Kate Dillon:

A horrible case of racism doubling up on sexism.

Solidarity with migrants at Wayfair.

Dispelling the myth of fatherless Black children.

The WE project is at the Daniel Boone Regional Library!

The WE project is now on display at the Daniel Boone Regional Library in Columbia.
A big thank you to the dbrl staff for putting this together and promoting necessary conversations about diversity, inclusion and equity in our community.
There will be a panel discussion about the project on June 20th with project participants and I welcoming Columbians' thoughts and questions.

"I told you so" department: racist police rants on Facebook.

New leadership at